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Classic™ & Mini™ Tripods

Classic™ TRIPOD

  • . Adjusts 23" to 41" tall
  • . Standard 16"x20" table
  • . Weighs only 6 lbs!
  • . Place up to 10lbs on table!
  • . Quick setup
  • . Carry handle for table

  • Options Include:
  • . Standard sun shade
  • . Camera mounts
  • . Padded carry bags


  • Tripod Base
  • Poly Table Top
  • Set Up Instructions
  • Options You Select

For Professionals

THE Classic™ TRIPOD - Stable and Light Weight - Only 6 lbs!

Our midsize Classic™ Portable Laptop Tripod and Computer Stand is perfect for the professional who wants to operate computer, music, photographic, or other equipment on a light weight but stable, portable platform.

Crafted from 1" tubing and featuring our standard 16"x20" table, this model extends from 23" to 41" and weighs only 6 lbs! The Classic™ is capable of handling loads up to 10 lbs.

Insurance adjusters, office workers, doctors, musicians, librarians, photographers, field supervisors... the applications are endless!

THE Mini™ TRIPOD - Highly Portable!

Our Mini™ TRIPOD is perfect for business travelers, court reporters, and mobile workers. The Mini™ features an 11"x14" table that extends to a perfect desk height of 28". Yet it collapses down to less than 16" and easily fits in your carry-on luggage! Weighs only a few lbs. Rated for loads up to 7 lbs.

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